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NLE Sports brings you the most organized, fun and competitive E-Sports NHL League. As on ice hockey is the most expensive sport to play, NLE sports provide an opportunity for all people to get the chance to be part of a team environment. This also brings the opportunity for teams to consistently compete for money throughout the year. With short 2 month seasons it will be easy to have things kept fresh and continuous.  Check bellow for common questions, if you do not find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Common Questions

1. Can I join the National League E-Sports NHL League if I don’t have a team?

Answer: Yes you can. Select “I need a team (free agent)”

2. What gaming consoles do I need to join the National League E-Sports NHL League?

Answer: We will have leagues for Xbox One (old gen), Xbox X (new gen), PS4 (old gen), & PS5 (new gen).

3. How long is each season?

Answer: Around two months. We will have a regular season, a playoff, and championship. The league will reset after the two month period.

4. Is there prize money up for grabs?

Answer: Yes. We are still determining the grand prize purse for each league.

5. Does it cost money to play in the league.

Answer: Yes. A membership to play in the league is $9.99 a month.

6. How many members are allowed on each team

Answer: We will have a league for 6’s and 4’s. We recommend two subs for each team to avoid forfeit.

7. Will there be human goalies 

Answer: Yes, each team will have a human goalie.

8. How often are games/how many nights a week/ how many games in a night.

Answer: Games will be played once a week. Each team will play 3 games on game day. The specific night is still tbd. As of now we are aiming for Monday nights.


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